A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Hi there cis-male racist, misogynist person (and whoever else comes here)!!! 

Wokey Doki (sjw) Lecture Club is a free pc game about getting woke in the modern day world at an exciting new school club! It's going to be a lot of fun and you'll get to check your privilege at least 50 TIMES PER DAY!!! ^_^ <3 <3 <3 

You should join us if you want to find an awesome club at school to get WOKE to social issues, Check your privilege, and maybe even meet cute girls/guys/gender-fluid/trans/binary/LBGTQABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP123 etc!

................................And maybe even spend some time with meeee! <3

                                                              Love, Manika! <3


Wokey Doki Lecture Club is a satire / parody of Doki Doki Literature Club under United States Fair Use Laws! 

This game may contain horrifying and lewd content... If you're not an adult or if you have mental issues, or are easily offended, you shouldn't play it! 

By downloading this game, you agree to terms and conditions and release the Developer from all liability. 


Install instructions

Download the zip file, unzip it, go into the folder and play the 'exe' file! Game on!

Some pc's may read the game file as a threat as it was created with Tyranobuilder........ you can manually bypass this via the pop up, generally, or consult your user guide for any antivirus program you may use.


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WokeyDokiLectureClub(mac).zip 213 MB

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I am about to laugh my ass off at this game. 

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A creator is expected to not backlash at people who may be interested in their game. Do remember this is public conversations and all of it is able to be seen by anyone. If you feel offended because you broke a few heavy rules, then try to fix your actions instead of saying they went to a shitty law school and saying it isn't a parody of DDLC being used for the purpose of being in a game jam that could win money. By using the assets of their game you are breaking their guidelines, and though it may not be free, it is still not your asset to use and you don't have the permission to use it. As nice as it would be, I can't just take some music from Nintendo without backlash, so why should you be able to do such a stunt? I know that if I don't state this, you will come at me with the same backlash as the others on this section, so if you don't plan to give me a REASONABLE  and respectful explanation without any rude or harmful language, I won't respect what you have to say either. Copyright doesn't only go to games you pay for, they also go to freeware games, so if you're breaking someones copyright, they can sue you, so just remember that's something that could happen by breaking their guidelines. These people know what they are talking about, and just because you state that it has "Content Warnings" doesn't make you exempt from breaking rules you don't like. There's some things you cant change, and these rules are one of them. If you want to use someone else's assets, you need to ask them to use it, and if what has already been stated many times over hasn't gotten through your head yet, the guidelines specifically state that there must be no content from their game used in any Fan Games, or should there be Fan Games in general. That means NO CONTENT, and that background is clearly from it.

Just stop lying to yourself and realize that you are breaking rules by entering Game Jams with your game (Not to mention all the rules), and you really shouldn't be doing that under the laws and guidelines of the game.

(Edit: Changed n=Nintendo to Nintendo, a dumb mistake on my part as I was writing this late at night last night.)

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Do us a favor - take your politics elsewhere! 
Also,  you apparently aren't from the US or don't understand the legality of Parody and Fair Use Laws. Go look them up.
We'll wait! :-)

As for 'backlash' - well.....tell it to Marvel Comics Creators! They seem to backlash a lot on Twitter - how many times have you complained to them about that? ;-) 

We get it. You're upset about someone poking fun at your favorite game and maybe about the politics involved so you're looking for every method you can use to try to bash the game (which has won some gamejams and awards already, none of which were cash-related). We also get that you have no sense of humour. It's cool! Don't you have a politician to protest someplace or something else you NPC/SJW 's do?
---Love, Manika


Ahem. I am from the state of Wisconsin, a US state if you would be so kind. Fair use or not, you're still breaking guidelines and laws. I've never complained to Marvel comic creators, because I don't even read comics. When I mean Backlash, I mean literally make fun of people saying they don't know shit that you don't think is true or you don't want them to be true. I've never even played Doki Doki Literature Club, my friend has only told me about it and I saw this game while looking through game jams, and I at least saw a few screenshots from my friends about the game, and the background is identical. I'm not even close to political besides saying I don't agree with trump building a wall. Honestly with a game breaking as many rules as you are doing, you really should've won so many awards by pasting your game on 7+ jams. Win the money or not, you still have the potential to get money from a copyrighted product in your game, therefore breaking fair use laws. I have a great sense of humor, you just don't get to see it from one comment on a game jam page telling you that you fucked up and broke some laws. Frankly, you don't seem to really want people to play your games if you're going to have such an aggressive attitude towards people warning you of your law breaking. Also since you spell humor with a U, either you don't know how to spell it, or you're not an american citizen either. Either way, these laws aren't just a US thing, it's a global law you can't break. "Do us a favor and take your politics elsewhere!" (Note I am not even a Social Justice Warrior, just someone who is becoming less concerned about how legal this game is and how you perceive the comment section)

My friend who also doesn't agree with what you have to say, who also said that none of what you said was even related to my comment, told me that you should take a look at this video. 


If you wanna keep arguing, I'm down for letting even more people see how incapable you are at realizing your grave mistakes.

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Wow. Okay so feel free to keep on being an armchair attorney.  Our REAL attorney (you know, someone who actually went to law school for it and is old enough to drive a car, probably unlike yourself...) disagrees with you. But hey, that's cool. You keep on taking time out of your day to complain about a game you 'care nothing about'.

You claim it breaks a bunch of rules and seem to have no concept of parody or satire, and yet you claim not to have played it. 

So which are you a total boldfaced liar about?


Look, your insults aren't making me look like the bad guy, Lawyer or not your acting like a kid. I don't need to play it to see that you stole the background from a legally protected game. I care about people, not a bloody anime game, and every petty insult you say makes me care less and less about your situation, if you truly think you're in the right here, go ahead, have your beliefs, but you're not doing the "Right Thing".


I didn't 'steal' anything. Under your US Copyright Act, Parody is protected. Ask Cledus T Judd.
Satire is protected too though since it's political it falls under the guise of the First Amendment aka Free Speech.  

As for your caring about people, we care about them too! But we also care that you busybody types seem to want to come on here and start trouble instead of ignoring things that you don't like, and if you don't think we're going to respond to you 'Twitter Lawyers', you're mistaken.


(psst, this is satire, which isn't considered Fair Use.)

This guy is just using shock-tactics to promote his other game, don't engage with him. Just report and move on.


Argue with the US Supreme Court. Satire is protected.

"Shock Tactics" Like Dan Salvato used in Doki Doki Lit. Club to promote Project Libitina? (Yes, I even satirized the promotional aspects in DDLC for their upcoming game.)


Parody is protected. Satire is not.


Someone is grasping at straws here.  It's obviously a parody of DDLC. It is satirical, but still parody. On that note, you're obviously a troll here to start drama. Bye!


"By downloading this game, you agree to terms and conditions and release the Developer from all liability. "

Liability does not work this way. Nice transphobia to boot. I am not an easily offended person and this just makes me really angry that you thought to not just release it but disregard the wishes of Team Salvato and enter it into a contest for money.

This means you've broken itch.io's terms of service. 

I'll be reporting this to itch.io and Team Salvato as well as the game jams you've entered.

Feel free! Actually liability DOES work that way. Not sure what legal school you claim to have attended, but they ripped you off, clearly! 

"Nice Transphobia"  There's that agenda, assuming I'm transphobic. While we are at it, as someone of multi-ethnic ancestry, how about not throwing your 'white privilege' on me?  Oh, wait, that only works when it fits your narrative.

Feel free to report it, and we'll feel free to counter it, and theoretically see about any revenue lost due to your actions. I'm sure a good attorney can get your information via your ISP, SJW Troll. 


i have some really harsh words i'd like to say about this game and in particular its graphics and sense of "comedy", but i'll hold back on that to tell you that this violates team salvato's ip guidelines by using that background from the game and being on itch.io: 

"Fan work that includes official DDLC assets may not be used to create new video games. "

"You are NOT allowed to redistribute DDLC or fan games on any app store including [...] itch.io. [...] You may not port DDLC or any fan game to these platforms."

you can claim fair use all you want but that doesn't change the fact that you just completely disobeyed the guidelines here.  

i'd also wager that it violates itch.io's community rules as well, though i'm not quite as certain on that one:

"Do not create posts about sensitive topics that may instigate argument

While we certainly respect free speech, we ask for your consideration of others in the channel and in our community. Avoid posting material that promotes polarizing views about religion, race, gender, politics, or any other groups."

i can tell just by looking at this thing that you've got some really polarized views on those things.

in short, this game violates team salvato's copyright. it counts as a fan game, and it breaks the rules that were set for such things. it also likely breaks itch.io's rules as well. you should take it down or at least contact team salvato to ask if you could somehow get an exception made for it, which i doubt they'd agree to as this is nothing but a shallow parody and doesn't really have any value of its own.

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And you're obviously not inserting politics in here anywhere!

Guess what? It's a free game. It also falls under fair use laws for Parody/Satire in the USA.  It's not a fan game and doesn't abide by those rules as it is a humorous crack at the original. That falls under 'Parody'/'Satire' in the United States per 17 U.S.C. § 107.

Team Salvato doesn't set the regulations for US LAWS re: Satire , the United States Government does that.  Ask Weird Al,  Cleadus T. Judd, Mad Magazine, etc. I'm sure they'd be able to give you more information! :-)

This thing is comedy.  Did you even play it all the way through? I highly doubt it.  Sounds more like you're just overly sensitive - perhaps you shouldn't play the game in the first place. You DID notice the warning at the start, right?  'This is not for people who are offended, no children' etc...... And if you're a minor? Don't play it either. Get my drift?

Ironically, you're of the same mindset that the political sarcasms of this game is poking fun at. 'Things are okay as long as they don't offend me.'
Perhaps you should have read the note at the ending. 

As for value, that's subjective, and clearly you don't 'get it' or perhaps didn't play it all the way to the end scene. 

Ironically, this parody has a longer 'content warning' than DDLC.

~ <3 C <3

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A few notes. 

1. The TyranoBuilder game jam is a contest with money that goes to those who get the top spots, therefore disregarding the IP Guidelines Team Salvato set out. TB being one of the game jams you submitted this game to as an entry, you might make money off of it which is not allowed by Team Salvato's IP Guidelines.
2. Funny that you should mention Weird Al, because he asked permission for all but one of his songs, which he thought he had permission for. He apologized profusely to the artist of that song and respected Prince's decision not to allow parodies of his work.
3. Nice troll game. 

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1. Parody makes money. Cledus T Judd sells albums. Weird Al does too. Mel Brooks makes film profits. There are a ton of mock-film satires all over netflix etc that make money. Just because you have an agenda doesn't change that.  If someone put a gun to your head to play or interact with our game , that's horrible and you should probably call the police on them! Go argue with the US Supreme Court, not me.

2. Weird Al also didn't have to do that.  If Dan Salvato wants to message us on Twitter I'll be more than happy to discuss it! You're not Dan Salvato. You're likely a pro censorship socialist who didn't even play the game and I'm guessing is underage anyhow. If you DID play the game you would have read the ending statement as well as the explanation from ?????? of what the game is REALLY about.

3. If you think it's a troll game that's on you. It was intentionally made to look shoddy etc, but it goes deeper than what you might think it does. You're having a kneejerk reaction and haven't the foggiest of what the game is about, you just jumped to conclusions with a typical 'OMG OPPRESSION' Mindset after viewing the screenshots. 
BTW, per your claim, where in the preview images is it 'transphobic'?