Wokey Doki SJW Lecture Club!

Come have a great time with MANika , SAYisha, YOri, and NatSUCKY! 

We'll make social justice lecture poetry, bake gluten-free SOY Cupcakes, and have a fun time getting you WOKE!  ^_^

And maybe even spend some time with meeee! 

<3 Manika

(A parody of Doki Doki Literature Club under US Fair Use Laws)

Notes: If the game lags upon clicking 'NEW GAME',  you may need to GIVE IT A MINUTE OR TWO (literally) to start. . . . . .and if it doesn't start'refresh' the page. 

You must wait til the game title vanishes to press 'new game'! 

This is a link to the downloadable version of the game, if all else fails: 


-<3 Manika 

Do not play if you have mental issues, are depressed, are easily offended, or are a minor. 

By continuing  you release the developers of all liability.